Thursday, 20 November 2014


recognize the title?

Its what i type when I post music on fb. just me listening to songs using headphone. I've been looking for new songs and different genre to listen to. all kind of songs regardless of the language, age, or genre.

recently I'm into dubstep variation and DnB (drums and basses). kinda cool and catchy. love them. for DnB I tried monstercat productions. It is an independent music producer. also, I listen to xkito music (dont know whether it's a producer or not) for dubstep variation music. just search them on youtube and youll find their acc.

here's some of the newly songs that i listen to.

Feint - Lift (DnB)
Love his music

aKu - The Final Blow
i like this song because of the guzheng and erhu. nevertheless great piece

TheFatRat - Unity
glitch hop

you just have to check them out yourself for more songs^^

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