Sunday, 2 November 2014


dont forget to pray to god. regardless of what we do in our life, god is the one that decides the outcome. remember, He is the best planner. if we're fated to succeed in something no matter what happen we will reach the end point and if He decides that one will fail, no matter how hard one struggles, the result will be the same. 

Nevertheless, He wont let all your hardwork go to waste. God will surely help you if you to succeed in your undertaking when you work for it. If you failed, He must have planned something else for you. It can be a test, or whatever but surely all your effort will not go to waste as long as you hold your faith in him. we can never know about our future, all we can do is plan and do our best. the rest we leave it to god.

thats why dont stress much about our future. we can plan, we can work for our plan but the end say will always belong to the god. we can only work on the current issue and not the future nor the past. 

remember folks, do our best, pray to the god, and have faith in Him no matter what happen. 

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