Monday, 10 March 2014

slieve league

This is a long post. just a story about an event.

I wanted to post about my place, Lettermacaward and the things that I did here but I'll just skip all that and post about Slieve League. That's the name of a league of mountains south Donegal opposite Sligo. Well, just look in the google map if you want to see the exact location. Basically I went hiking with my friends over there during weekends. It was an unplanned event for me as I just joined them one day before the event.

Here's how the story went. On Friday, I went to Letterkenny to attend a tutorial about diabetes with my friends all around Donegal. I cycled to Dungloe early in the morning and get a ride with my friends to Letterkenny from there. I decided to cycle to Letterkenny at first but then I realized that the distance is about 50Km and I was like there's no fucking way I'm going to cycle there. that would take me a day not to mention the windy road and its all up and down hill all the way and I would have died before I reached there. so that's why I decided to cycle to Dungloe which is only 15Km away from my place.

when I heard about this hiking thingy I decided to stay with Tom(the guy that I carpooled with) at Letterkenny as he was going to go to Slieve League straight from there on the next day but then he said there's no way I can join with what I have with me at that time (only had a set of formal clothes and a set of cycling suit) since Im gonna get really wet and cold. So, me wanting to hike really badly as my last hiking was like 7 years ago at mount Kinabalu decided to take a bus to go back to Dungloe and cycle back home that very evening (couldnt leave my precious bike there) and I took a bus early in the morning to go to Donegal town where Tom will pick me up there.

The map of the place. There are few hiking route and we took the pilgrim path. 
upon arriving there were lots of sheep. they just follow us expecting to be given food

the view of the town from our starting place.

and we are going to the top of the mountain. 
and up we go. the road was like thisat the beginning but when we started to go steep it started to get tough
These are my fit friends that went hiking together.
I said fit because they all have no problem hiking as if theyre just having a stroll. even the girl beat me. my ego was smashed into pieces at that moment. Breathless me said to myself "There's no fucking way I'm gonna get left behind" and so I tried the best I can not to slow the group while conserving my energy. That explains the no picture during the hike. Gotta focus on hiking. Besides, I'm only hiking using snickers which made the hiking harder due to the slippery surfaces and muddy areas just slowed me down a lot. Anyway, I found out later that she is used to hiking (more like hardcore hiker) and she always go hiking with her boyfriend. they even hiked alps mountains and gonna go again this summer. dayum!!

saw this right before we reach the peak. haha guess someone overnight here.
We're almost at the peak now. the ground was wet and full of bogs, vision was not that good since we're in the cloud. our only guidance were the yellow stones in the pictures that served as guidance along the hiking path
We've reached the peak and were sitting at the cliff of the mountain. the white background was probably due to the cloud. Mind you the wind was so strong that none of us dare to stand straight. we walked slow and low to avoid getting blown off by the wind.
The view from the cliff. Heaven is opening up over there in the middle of the ocean.
another view from the cliff
We're supposed to walk pass this narrow path to get to the highest pointbut there's no way were going to risk it. With the wind blowing fiercely, narrow slippery path, and it's 2000ft cliff on both sides of the path. NOPE!
The view of the land from the peak 
and when we get abck down we had a rest at this mini waterfall. the wind was so strong the the water was going upward instead of gong down. we were hit from water below us not above us. lol
and this is what the wind has done to my hair. 

we went to the viewing point of the sea after we climbed down the mountain. see the top right above my head? that's where we went 

so HD. cant describe more.
hiking path from the viewing point. we didnt use this path as this was much more treacherous compared to the one we had. lots of narrow path 
and yeah we brought a canoe all the way up to the mountain. We're worried the whole journey as the canoe was shaking so violently whenever the wind blew. dont want the canoe to be blown off or worse, the car roof gave away. 
Insta this!

from this event i realised how unfit I am that I cant even be compared to a girl. my legs were doing just fine as I cycled a lot. I can climb the steep mountain and jump but it's my back that gave away. gosh I sound like an old man. need to train my cardio and and get fit again. probably gonna go hike again in few more days ^^

oh btw, orange tastes so good at the top of mountain.

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