Saturday, 10 May 2014

teh susu

i used to not drink teh susu but not anymore. nevertheless, mine is more like irish tea. tea with milk only. not susu pekat manis that make the drink sickly sweet. i wonder if malaysian will like this version of milk tea instead of the usual super sweet tea?

btw, I read about what ISMA president said few days ago. seriously, I dont feel like staying at Malaysia at all tbh. what the hell? it has been more than 50 years and you're still saying other races are outsiders and the land belong only to malay? seriously? It's freaking 57 YEARS already!!! move on la... the country is made up of different races and you have to accept that. it's so ironic that we're proud being a multicultural country but claiming that this land belong to only one race while others will have to respect and be treated as outsiders... this is nonsense. you fight for religion, not race. dont mix them together. Islam never mention that it belongs to one race.

regarding your statement about fact from history, that statement is true if you live 60 years ago but not now. all the chinese and indians are born here and they have been living here for generations already.

I'm not going to touch about hudud issue here. you want to legalize hudud, be my guest. I'll gladly accept it and support it. why cant we just impose hudud law on the muslim first and see how does it go. if it's a really good law, surely others will accept them in the future. many people are afraid of hudud because they dont know about the law. after all people are afraid of the unknown. we dont have to care about non muslim going against hudud if we implement it only on muslim first. to the muslim going against this law, shame on you for calling yourself a muslim. go read the quran.


  1. During the ISMA thing, a lot of chinese-malay hybrid kids got riled up and their statuses got posted on my FB wall.
    Yours included.

    1. of course people like me would be disappointed. what would the pure chinese muslim feel? and how about you?

    2. I think they are stupid. And stupid people shouldn't be encouraged to talk or get publicity through us spreading the issue even further with providing arguments and trying to reason with their stupid arguments.

      Wow, that sounded even harsher than I thought.

      In another sense, I'm too lazy to layan such people who has too much time in their hands to think up stupid ideas which doesn't contribute anything but actually causes our country to break down and move backwards solely due to racism which was resolve more than half a century ago.

      If they truly think that Malays are entitled to all the ke'istimewaan' and they think the chinese are hogging 'em all, then they really need to start to git gud at what they do.

    3. there you go. boom!!!! i usually ignore all the racist issue but I just cant accept when people start to mix race with religion and hence my status on fb ^^
      anyway, whats git gud?

    4. Internet slang for 'get good' a.k.a do better.