Tuesday, 1 July 2014

ramadhan kareem

ramadhan kembali lagi!!! and this year i get to fast at home with my family. that means i get to eat lots of stuff and different kind of food haha. anyway, i was thinking that i might be able to reduce some weight during this fasting month since i gained a lot during my summer exam but forget it, with the amount of food my parents prepared, i dont think ill lose any weight. ^^

happy fasting and let this year be better than the previous years and increase our ibadat during this holy month.

anyway, my laptop completely broke down and i have no comp at home so i wont be posting much. well, i do post less during holiday since i usually occupy myself playign games or something non-computer related and even less if i come back home since internet in malaysia is a bit slow. well, i hope i can draw a pic for hari raya this year.

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