Monday, 18 August 2014

summer time is kahwin time

yup its that time of the year again. lots of merry events where 2 people vow to live together under one roof and live happily ever after. sadly i cant go to any of the events to celebrate these cheerful moments. not even to my friends wedding that live close to my house. a bit disappointed here but the least i can do is wish for you guys here. i hope all of you will live together full of blessing and happiness. let death be the only end of the marriage.

thinking about relationship..... i have no idea what to think about since i've no experience in having a relationship at all. if you want to know why dig up the older posts. i did mention the reason why i dont bother to have any relationship in the past. besides all i can see are responsibility issue in building a family.

so lets see.... speaking of girls theres this one girl in the past I met her when I was in form 3 during a minggu bahasa competition between MRSM. she was studying in MRSM Kuala Klawang and she was form 2 at that time. we both competed in elocution I didnt really notice her at that time but we just had small talk while waiting for our turn just to calm down and that was it. later in the same year I joined choral speaking competition and the competition wa sheld at MRSM Kuala Klawang. when we're walking to the stage in a line I heard someone said elocutionist. To my surprise the MC girl for the event was that elocutionist girl. after the performance we met and had a short chit chat since she's the mc for the event. I didnt get a chance to talk to her after that as I had to go back. 

1 year later I joined bowling tournament at MRSM Kuantan representing MRSMJ and she was there too. we were like "you're here too??!!" when we saw each other. we had few chats during the whole event but that was it. i was inexperienced at that time and i dont know what to do at all. thats why i did nothing and one more thing is that i just dont care about relationship at that time. i did like the girl but it never cross my mind to be more than that. besides, communication is really hard at that time. no internet no cellphone and sending letters would be too much hassle. so yeah we never meet again after that. 


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    1. if it has a good ending I wouldn't still be single by now