Friday, 15 August 2014


after playing games for years I realised that I'm not a gamer at all. I play games to follow the lore, the storyline. thats why i dont mind not playing the game but just watch the gameplay in youtube as long as i can enjoy the lore. so here's one of the games that i really want to follow the lore, warcraft. Been playing warcraft III and from there I started playing dota but the first thing that i do is read all the description and lore of all the heroes and items hahaha. putting that aside, the story of warcraft is about different races like humans, orcs, undead, and elves fighting between each other in order to survive and conquer but from warcraft III the lore continue into world of warcraft, an MMO which already have 5 expansions. there are lots of things left unsettled in warcraft III which are continued in WoW and to be honest I cant finish the game. it's just too big for me. I played WoW for awhile but I dont even get into the main storyline much. got sidetracked too much since Im the type of player that do all the missions and quests just to know everything and all the secrets. I only manage to cover half of one continent only and thats just a tiny piece of the game. the most important thing that stopped me from playing WoW is that I have to pay to play it. If im not mistaken it was EU60/year and thats like RM240/year doing medic wont allow me much time to play the game and whats more it's mmo. lots of grinding and I need help from other players to do missions which takes lots of time. so thats when i decided to stop playing warcraft.

nevertheless, the im still interested in the lore and wish to follow them. I've decided to buy the novels but I have no idea on how to follow the storyline w/o playing WoW. anyway, I will definitely play the game if it's free no mattter how slow i go ^^ there will be another expansion set for WoW coming this November and it relates back to the warcraft III and I was so excited I kept watching the cinematics over and over again.

Blizzard never fail to impress people with the cinematics of the game. I cant find the youtube vid through blogspot. dont know why. but here's the link to the cinematics. oh and the soundtracks too. so good

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