Tuesday, 10 July 2012

its july and we're busy with placement

it july now. oh it's already mid july. how time flies.... anyway 2 years ago i was busy mourning thinking about placement offer from universities. yup after IB result came out students will get to know whether they are given offer to study to the applied universities. AND I WAS HAVING A NIGHTMARE!!! oh well whats done is done. i wont talk about it here unless people ask me. on a second thought ill just briefly tell what happened. i failed to enrol into any university that  i applied. so i send letters to all university that i know asking for placement. fast forward the story, i end up studying in TCD and thank god i was so relieved when i get the offer. though that incident leaves me with traumatic effect but im good now.

so a few month ago, if im not mistaken in february, i received an email from Southampton university about giving me an offer tu study at the university. well the content is roughly like that as i didnt read the email properly. i was a bit shocked to get the email as i sent the letter 2 years ago. what if i just go to southampton to studty there byebye tcd. haha

oh not to forget congratulations to IB students and good luck for the placement. i did mention about clearing a year ago as i went through that moment bitterly. a mistake in timing. -.-

down x dpt placement


  1. Saya ada dengar ura-ura macam ni dulu.
    Walaupun dapat 4.0 sekalipun, budak-budak IB ramai yang tak dapat tempat di universiti antarabangsa dan terpaksa menerima universiti tempatan, itupun kalau universiti tempatan masih ada tempat.

    Makes you kinda feel grateful for having a course to study in the first place, overseas or not.


  2. well you will almost certainly get a placement if yoou get 4.0 unless you're stuck with other things like coursework or something like that. getting a placement is the most important thing at that time. so yeah you will be grateful for having a course to study ^^