Tuesday, 13 July 2010


this is a post about the clearing process for students that are going to UK.
I've went to MABECS to ask them on what should we do and the clearing process itself.

well, clearing starts in august after the a level result out. that means maybe around mid of august. during the process students cant choose on which universities they want to go. of course most universities are fully occupied.the universities will ask MABECS to give name for students if they still have vacancies. only those who met the requirements will be considered. lower than that will have no chance of getting placement.so, it is important for all of us to get 36 and above and CHEM MUST BE 6 or 7. the universities might still consider you if you get math 5. but chem 5 is no no. when i asked them what if the students get 5 chem eventhough they past the total points? automatically she said no and recommended those students who get 5 to opt for other countries. there's no chance to get placement during clearing process. so right now, we just have to wait and pray.

oh i forget, we can still contact the universities directly to appeal and ask for placement. it would be better than to just sit around waiting MABECS and counselor to do this for us. the sad thing bout clearing is that each universities only offer 1 or 2 placement and most of them are fully occupied.it is kinda creepy seeing that only few wwill get placement via clearing.

after the clearing, what if we still dont have any placement?
this a gamble that we take risking our placement. if we still dont have any placement after clearing, then we lost the gamble. one have to wait till next year to get into UK universities(thats pretty shitty) or give up UK and go to other countries. i dont really know what happen in this part because MABECS do not deal with this. we have to ask caunselor. if youre lucky maybe you can go to ireland.

for those who are in waiting list for universities like cardiff or belfast, they have a better chances of getting into the U for the universities willfill the placement with students from waiting list. in other words, these universities will not likely to offer placement during clearing process.

so good luck guys...

aaaaaannddd PAUL the octopus wins !!!!!!


  1. tp kn
    dr.saidah ckp jgn buat sendiri...bia pihak kolej buatkn klu tuk application uni ni

    mana aci 8 tgn vs xde tgn...xadil wooooo~

  2. ermmm
    well, kolej ngan mabecs ade wat tp dorang akan anta dalam bulk sume student tros...
    on the other hand, we can still contact the universities and appeal ourselves. just let caunsellor and mabecs know what we are doing...
    that's what she(mabecs) said.

    coolkan gamba ni.. hahaha xkesah adil ke x janji PAUL menang

  3. nk mintak izin amek gamba ni letak kt blog? hahaha suke la tgk..lawak2 :D complicated gle nk pegi uk