Friday, 13 July 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Retarded

we all know that in our mind we have the good and the bad side. just like in cartoon where an angel and a devil speak to you whenever you're about to make a decision. and they end up fighting with each other. ^^

so here's what happens in my head whenever im driving on a highway. let's say there are 10 voices in my mind. 5 of them will be saying "come on dude, you're in a racing game. overtake that car. GOGOGO!!!!"
that will be the bad one. then, 4 of them will be the good one saying "chill bro. you dont want to die yet. no hurry drive safely". but then there is this one voice, the retarded one whispering "what does it feel when the car touches the divider with speed at 140km/h? what's going to happen? let's try it Let's try it" sometimes i just take a peek at the distance between the car and the divider just to make sure im not getting close.. -.-