Wednesday, 3 August 2011


why didnt you tell me? apsal x btaw aku? thanx r x btaw... sampai ati ko x btaw aku... etc etc

yes mmg aku sampai ati x btaw korang. the reason i didnt tell you guys is simple i dont want to have any visitor at that time. nuff said you can say whatever you want.

ai.. hope everything will go smoothly as planned. hehe

 speaking of recovery, im still in pantang. there are certain type of food that i cant eat but that doesnt bother me except dairy product. zzzz i still can live with no salt in my food but not drinking milk and eating food with dairy product? i have to admit that is a bit annoying. now ramadhan has just started and i was wondering wether i will be able to go through it. yeah seems like im fine except a lil low on bp. thats all.

i've been watching tv a lot lately and merlin has become my favourite series. haha
okay time for another round of dota


  1. haha klu dorg btol2 kesah dorg a patut amek tau sndr an? hehe

  2. haha aku kesah pon bab tu. dorang nak amek kesah ke x tu aku bkan leh kate pape pon. haha

  3. tapi kalau dah amik tau sndr tapi tak bagitau cmne pulak. kui3.

  4. tu aku cakap bab korang amek taw ke x tu blakang cite...

  5. mao!! sori sgt x baca ur blog smpi abes.. Ya Allah!! sian nye ko! ko cmne skrg? ok x? ya Allah.. doa bnyk2 tau mao.. sian ko.. ='( kalo aku, aku x tau nk buat cmne.. nnt blk dublin, rjin2 la sggah umah aku.. aku msk utk ko ok? ^_^

  6. x baik tolak rezeki tau.. haha
    so lepas operate tu xde pape la ek?