Monday, 22 August 2011

back to begining

Yeay I've graduated from my diet with flying colours!!!! congratulations!!
going through those "pantang" days were not as bad as i thought but then as the saying goes the darkest hour is just before the dawn. yep yep no doubt bout it. it is always true. take a look at the mountains and valleys.the lowest part is always right before you start to climb the mountain and it applies the same to the peak.

back to the story, the final week has strong temptation for me to eat those pantang food. one might think oh it's no big deal not to eat those stuff. easier said than done. perseverance is always the key dude. you bow down to your lust and you lost the game. there are other stuffs like being cooped up in the so called "bilik kebal" for few days. this is to prevent the radioactive from reaching to other people. i call this chamber arkham asylum. dude seriously. the only difference is that i wasnt wearing the coat that tie my hand to the body. the room is quite spacious but limited for i must keep myself between the barriers just 1 foot away from my bed. basically i only have the bed as my space. that's all. the room is quite eerie. mind you with the location of the room at the back side of the ward and guarded at the outside. there is no window for the room and the only connection i get to the outer world is just the glass at the door facing the corridor. sometimes, people will peek to look who is kept in the room. i was imagining scenes like in horror movie or ghost stories happening in the room during midnight. Luckily we are in Ramadhan right now. so, no sweat ^__^

someone did told me that one can cry out of boredom when being warded. true enough if you get a single room. being locked inside the room the only companion you get is the clock. tick tock tick tock. that's the only sound you can hear and sometimes footsteps at the outside. at night, i can hear some weird sound i dont know what the hell is it. my activity everyday is drawing on the wall of the room and playing puzzle by myself. i do sound like a crazy people.  huhu

the days are over and now i can continue my life.... with a bit of changes XP


  1. which part that you feel i was joking?

  2. bukan tak caye.. cam asal sampai ade radiation pastu kene kurung cam org dlm final destination hahaha

  3. aku salah sorg yg nanges out of boredom in ward..hak3

  4. bella: trimas

    zatdin: haha da mmg dorang wat camtu.. nnti skype aku leh cite detail ckit ^^

    lisa: owh orang nanges yang aku tlis tu mmg ko pon haha

  5. I dunno what to say... So I'll just remain anonymous. :(


  6. you already said ganbatte. thanx anon