Thursday, 31 October 2013

The roller coaster of life

the ups and downs of life, we cant avoid it. hold on tight, enjoy the fun, scream at the frightening ride, zoom past everything.

 I like watching people's reaction. what they do or what they feel after an event be it good or bad. as an example, I'd like to see someone really successful having a tragedy like falling into bankruptcy or something similar like that just to see what one will feel, think, and do after that? im not having an ill intention nor do i wish something bad to happen to someone else but i cant stop pondering especially for those extremely rich person. I've seen few example of people having a big crisis in life and how the event made that person wentg almost crazy and change his personality. i dont really care what happen to that person but of course, if its something bad, pity you and if its something good, yeay good for what am i talking about.

This is a video about a father writing a letter to his Down's is an emotional video but what makes me post it here is the fact that he mentioned about his superior genes and supposed to have a perfect child because both parents are college grad yada yada. when he had his Down's baby he completely changed his attitude and thinking. i cant help but to smile to that part. it's all about the roller coaster of life.

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