Thursday, 3 October 2013

alas meja

when we were in school, everyone have their own desk. I remember that everyone loves to decorate the table especially by covering the table with wrapping paper to make it looks more attractive instead of just plain grey or brown table. girls usually use wrapping paper that looks cheerful or light colour papers while boys usually use posters or pictures of mangas, games, or hot artists. some would go to the extend of covering those papers with plastic sheet so that the paperwont get dirtied. between them lots of things are put like timetable, pic of favourite artist, doa, or words of wisdoms. it depends on one's creativity.

I dont use any cover for the table because i found that it is not necessary to do that and it will just cost me my allowance. but then in the later years my reason was because i felt that it is a hassle to do that and besides, plain table served as a good drawing pad for me. I dont have to use papers to draw anything and the drawings are easy to erase. though it is known as vandalism, and i was scolded by my teachers several times, i kept on doing it. after all, the drawings are erasable. then during my final year in secondary school i started using cover for the table due to the pertandingan menghias kelas that everybody wants to win so badly. of course like any other boys, my cover would be cool manga posters that i get from Gempak or Kreko magazine. i dont bother to go buy decorating stuffs. theyre just plain boring. oh i still leave some space on the desk uncovered so that i can keep on doodling ont he table.

speaking of the pertandingan menghias kelas, my class did make a carpeted corner where we have sofa and people can lie down there. and the walls are painted to give it a more cheerful look. actually to me, the competition is just an excuse for me and my friends to paint the wall and do stuffs that we called "decorating". we just wanted to play around and colour the wall with water colour ^^. we never take the competition seriously. as for the furnitures like sofa and carpet.... we actually took it from somewhere in the school compound as they were abandoned. no cash were spent at all unlike my next class that fully cover the whole class with linoleum and painted the whole class. they won the competition most of the time.

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  1. I still remember the class next to mine which was highly competitive in this sort of thing and yeah, won the prize all the time. Our class didn't really care, we just wanted to have fun decorating the class. And we did.

    1. that would be class 15.... well, lots of class went serious with this competition. I seldom come to your class so i didnt know your class' decoration