Saturday, 30 October 2010


if in malaysia we have hungry ghost festival celebrated by the chinese (watch phobia2), here we have haloween festival. i dont really know the history of haloween and couldnt be bothered. anyway, they wear costumes on haloween night dressing as ghost or i dont really know since haloween festival has become more like a costume party nowadays.
last night was my first haloween celebration in ireland. i saw many costumes. weird one, funny one, scary one, sexy one(of course and most of the girls wore sexy costume). and the malaysians are the only group wearing ghost costumes. LOL!!! luckily we dont have a pocong here. or a chinese zombie. i'd like to see that. oh yeah, i saw a group of men wearing pacman of them became pacman and the others became the colourful ghost. cool!!! and then there were jack sully and the heroin which i forgot the name. and malaysians? scream!!! all of us are the scary movie killer. oh yeah and our class rep act as grease, a 60's singer if im not mistakenduring elvis era. haha not bad.

i wish i had the pumpkin costume just like in this pic. haha
oh, and i dont see kids going around with costume saying trick or treats... maybe cuz they got booze instead of candy. haha


  1. bkn mlm ni bru forg g trick or treat kn~
    er...mlm ni ke mlm esok, xsure

  2. uu, sounds fun.. bestnya dpt haloween.. kalau pakai pocong kat sana mst cool gila, baru bdk2 takut :P should put up pics of you guys.

  3. haha mmg kitorang sambut 1 day earlier. sebab kalo ujung minggu bbdak balik umah.

    mima: yep, it was really fun!! i had a great time. unfortunately, i dont have any camera...