Friday, 5 November 2010

Starcraft II : Wing Of Liberty

I really wish that someone will make a movie of Starcraft or Warcraft. Please!!! it will be a damn good movie.

yeah I'm playing Starcraft II right now.
Hell, it's about time...

ive said to mima that i will post those 10 things i want to get, do, and be.

so here goes:

10 things i want to get
- blessing
- peace
- money
- awesome wife
- awesome friends too
- a better life
- skills that i dont have
- easy life
- lands in different countries
- revenge

10 things i want to do
- go to heaven (of course, everybody wants to go there)
- travel and see everything in this world
- understand all the meanings in Al-Quran
- conquer the whole world
- speak in all language
- make many kagebunshin
- draw manga
- read all the reading materials in this world (comics especially)
- play DotA
- take a nap

10 things i want to be
- good boy
- doctor
- King of the world
- soldier
- Mr. Cool
- werewolf
- artist
- a successful person
- a member in the heaven
- a wise man


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  2. kagebunshin tak boleh blah! hahahahahhaa... lg 1 werewolf, mcm hugh jackman wolverine ke plain werewolf? kalau mcm hugh jackman tu mmg hot gila. hhahahaa..
    tp aku x tau pun kau pandai lukis, dlu2 x pnh nampak kau lukis2... skrg baru tau..

  3. isaac: oh you noticed that part...

    mima: wolverine tu include skali ke dengan werewolf? nak werewolf btol ;p
    ohya aku mmg x pandai melukis pon

  4. werewolf betul wolverine tak lah kot...
    eh cantik apa kau lukis pakai paint. aku pandai jgk, pokok dengan ayam je lah tapi... nanti aku lukis kasi tengok.. :P

  5. haha sile... bdak yang first komen ni lg pandai melukis... ko leh tgk die nye artwork :p

  6. ... Aku tak pandai melukis...