Tuesday, 9 November 2010


uuu it has been a long time... and her face still doesnt change
i was really excited that i was speechless... last night really cheer me up. thank you for bringing back the good old memories...and i salute you for being able to remember everything back then. yes i miss you too. hehe wish i can meet you next time. :D


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  2. aww... :) eh, its YOUR face yg x berubah.. cuma nampak a bit manly sj.. dont be surprised kalau tiba2 i appeared in front of you, because i really want to see you too! :)

  3. firman: die adalah orang yang second comment ni
    mima: haha be my guest... of course la, im a man now, not a kid anymore. :p
    jan: trimas jan.... ape yang tahniahnye?