Friday, 15 October 2010


pe beza kat malaysia ngan ireland?
kat sini sejuk gaban
kat malaysia panas gampang
kat sini bawak basikal kat tengah jalan mmg orang bagi laluan
kat malaysia basikal kat tgh jalan tros kene jerit "woi nak mampos ke?"
kat sini xde tandas awam. sile kuatkan otot pundi kencing anda
kat malaysia bersepah tandas awam. weee weee
kat sini azan mmg x dengarnye melaenkan ko dudok dalam masjid time orang azan
kat malaysia 5 kali sehari. senang gue nak taw bile semayang
kat sini ko nak nampak sume idong tajam
kat malaysia ko nampak sume idong bulat

i went to the uni's public toilet
when i was in the cubicle, i LLLOL
yeah they provide the toilet board for students to write on the wall when doing their business to avoid boredom. mind you these are not vandalism. the boards are there to be written. some one wrote "rate your shit"
and there are lots of people replying
1)oddly spherical
2)full bodied, with a hint corn alike
3)chocolate flavoured corn
5)when i looked back there was a baby...


and smiley are for girls... i dunno what does it means..
unfortunately i didnt bring any pen


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