Wednesday, 10 July 2013

law and order

we live in world with system. the system is the law and order that which we have to live by it. follow the law or chaos will be the consequences.

this is a video on how to deal with homosexual urges. i found it very interesting and yes this guy has a point. i hope that this video can help gay people how to cope with their life. 

do pray to god and never give up to the desire. no matter what happen, dont give up your faith to god. i know that people can say talk can laaa. try to do it. yes it is always easier for one to talk rather than doing it. going against your lust is not something easily done. same goes with fighting addiction. you know it's wrong but you keep on going and you feel powerless against that feeling. remember mind over body. dont let your lust take over your decision making and thinking. no matter how hard and how many times you failed, keep on continuing your effort. remember the first step is always to get yourself away from anything that stimulates you into following your lust. lets use this month of ramadhan to fast, fill our time with ibadah, and slowly leave all the bad things


  1. Replies
    1. right? i think it is really helpful

    2. Yup:) But again, I guess it's up to the person itself to 'believe and learn' Islam. Some of them don't even have the basics, so they keep on questioning and questioning.

    3. yes that's why the community need to play their role here not to abandon these people. the act is wrong but we dont have to hate them

    4. second that! more and more people should be like you, the world will be a better place.