Saturday, 6 July 2013

board rpg game

do you know yugioh? a manga on games, to be precise shadow games. i like to read it partly because of the variety of the games that are shown in the manga especially the board game rpg "monster world" that they play with Leo Bakura. if you dont know what im talking about ill simplify it here. i like the board rpg that is shown in the manga.

right now, some of my friends are designing games. one of them is planning to make one right now as i read his tweet. im a bit interested in the process of designing and making games. im not really into gaming world so i dont know much about games. nevertheless, his planning on designing rpg game makes me recall my primary school years.

huhu i just realised that i like to play rpg as id been playing it since i was a kid. when i was in primary school, i didnt get the chance to play computer games much so what i did is i made rpg game by myself and played it with my friends. of course i was the game master as i designed the game. ^^

the game is quite simple as it was inspired by pokemon, doom2, and another game which i cant remember the name. basically, i just design a dungeon and players will have to go to the end of the dungeon while fighting against the monsters in the dungeon. how i create the dungeon? of course the easiest way is by using the buku petak kecik for math (oh i love that book). so the design of the dungeon will be based on the number of players, and difficulty was set based on their level of thinking in solving the game. you dont want to make it too hard for a beginner. they'll lose interest fast.

the mechanism of the game will be finding keys to unlock the doors of the dungeon and defeating monsters that are placed randomly in the dungeon. the are also mini bosses guarding the keys which will be tougher to be defeated. besides monsters, player can try to do optional quests, or fight against extra monsters to get loots i.e potion and if theyre smart enough they will be able to find a shortcut to win the dungeon. last but not least the lord of the dungeon a.k.a the big boss. like in every rpg game the final boss is always insanely strong that you find it excruciatingly hard to defeat. so players move around the dungeon in a group deciding which way to go and by chances they will encounter monsters.  the chances are based on the dice. that will be up to me the game master to put the condition of the appearance of monsters like getting even numbers on dice, or below 2 or get number 6. so its basically based on luck. most of the time we dont use dice for we lose it really fast (kids, what do you expect). so, i change the mechanism to playing rock paper scissor. and that will depend on skills and luck. so everytime i win i get to inflict damage and vice versa (health is based on bars). to make it more fun, i get the help of someone with good skills in rock paper scissor to become the boss or mini boss in the dungeon. that way, more people can join the game.

i dont bother to make storyline for the game as nobody is interested in storyline. most kids as we all know only want to win the game without even try to understand the mechanism of the game.

ah that was a good time. playing board rpg is not that bad lol.

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