Friday, 26 April 2013


yes countdown to pilihan raya is the countdown to my final exam. i cant really be bothered by the pru but then i never even care about the general election in the first place. anyway i still read most of the articles and videos posted regarding the pru like profile of the candidates and videos of events that happened back in malaysia. what im interested in these things are the comments from malaysian people. you know people debating with each other (rarely) or should i say bombarding each other with unintelligent critics and cursing words. anyway, it's not always like that but still i love to see the reaction from these people. the vids, some of them show malaysian antics. and surely get a lot of comments

so which party do you vote? me? im not voting. not even registered....

oh and id love to see what will be changing in malaysia after this. will it be worse? or better?


  1. Nothing will change. BN will win. Wanna bet?

    1. even if BN win i want to see what will happen after that. the aftermath and people's reaction

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    3. hoho we'll see.... in 1 more week...damn i need to study

  2. Tomorrow or later, you will be involved and have interest.