Sunday, 21 April 2013


it's an apps that monitor your daily activities in term of food and exercise and calculate the calories consumption for you. well, it's useful for people that want to reduce weight in a certain amount of time.

me? no no i didnt use this apps for this purpose. i was recommended by my friend about this app. she's crazy about this app and monitoring the calorie consumption everyday. dunno if she still stick to this app or not. btw, i use this app to record my food intake and how many calorie that i get from the food that i consumed. only used it when i had to undergo the DASH diet program as one of my course project. i havent been using it since then as i find it too troublesome to record on everything that i eat. especially if i cook the food myself. how can you calculate how many calories in ayam masak lemak cili api or whatever nonsense that i cooked. it is easier to eat food from store for the barcode can be scanned and you get the right amount of calorie for the food but then that will put a dent on my bank acc. in conclusion, i found that this app is not accurate and too leceh. ai, leceh leceh....

i just opened the app and it said, "Arif has not logged in for a month. He might need some encouragement". lol what i'm depressed that i dont get to lose my weight. kidding me.

ill be back to sketching and drawing after the exam finish though i did sketch a full page of paper last night. watched this painting timelapse few times. he's a malaysian art student oh and i like the song too. not to forget, castlevania2 will be out this june perfect for my after exam enjoyment