Saturday, 13 April 2013

Fruits and Vegs

a lot of people are doing medicine not because of they really want it but due to other reasons. family pressure, following trend, moneywise, etc etc. and many regrets taking medicine halfway doing the course. i was told by one of the doctors that you can still enjoy your life when you're a medic student. af ter you graduate, you'll have to do housemanship where youll be like a bottom feeder in the food chain. anyway after finishing housemanship, there will be 3 groups of people. the first one is the group that really enjoy doing medicine and would love to continue medicine. this group well, good for them. they made the right choice and are having a good-ending. the next group is the group that realized "i dont want to do medicine. i'd rather sell fruits and vegs, enjoying my life and still loving what i do for work". so these people is brave and clever enough to realise that medic is not their life and they made the decision early. good luck to them having a new way of life. the third group is people that think "i'd probably be much better selling fruits and vegs..." but they continue doing medicine for they're half way through. and so they continue their medic carrier but some of them later still change to fruits and vegs. "me, im kinda like in between the wanting to go to fruits and vegs and enjoying medicine". that's the closing of his speech

anyway let's look at wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome (WPW). It is caused by the presence of an accesory conduction pathway (bundle of Kent) between atria and ventricles which may lead to atrioventricular reciprocating tachycardia(ARVT). people with WPW can be asymptomatic but they may feel palpitations, dizziness, SOB, or syncope during the during the SVT. A person with WPW will have a delta wave on ecg. that shows a slant in the upstroke of QRS complex. (refer to the wikipedia or google image). since there is no delay due to the current going thorugh bundle of kent, the PR interval will also be short

current new fav song. Light Writing by Liyana Fizi. support our local musician lol