Tuesday, 14 May 2013

exam activities

yeay exam is over!!! here comes summer!!! ....that's what the first year said. have fun with you 5 months holiday. I on the other handstill have exam that last till 14 June. yeah for now I've just finished the first round. god im so tired. so here's what happened for the last 2 weeks.

Farewell party for the fifth years passing their final exam. more like congratulatory party. jumpa di Malaysia nanti. 
makan'makan di Yamamori
Sushi time!!!
Till we meet again

and then come the exam part which one become a caveman not going out from the lair for quite sometimes.

when you want to go to bed and realize that you threw all your stuffs on the bed  earlier...
the road to exam hall. it's been awhile since i last cycled

2 things. nice weather which makes me really want to go out  and a bottle of water to keep me alive 
it's summer time and im here writing notes and poems. the latter  part is  just a joke

and what happen after the first week of exam? woot woot the most waited part after the exam. makan-makan at seniors house. consider it as a house warming party since they just moved into the house.
cookies!!! yeah baked cookies but being tired and lazy i made big cookies instead of the bite-size one.
they look more like a scone instead of cookies but who cares. it is still edible 
The main chef in action during the party.
bowl of eggs. 
eat, laugh, enjoy 
activity dimasa lapang. Lawn mowing 
going back home via Luas

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