Tuesday, 21 May 2013

urinary catheter again

ive told you guys about the urinary catheter. that was my first time doing it. practice makes perfect. so here we go again doing urinary catheter. this time it is not about catheter but it is about penis.

one of the steps to do it is  retract the foreskin. if one has any. dont pull the foreskin if one doesnt have it. that's what phillipa said. well, it's true. the patient is gonna have a bad time if that happen. anyway, do you know how do penis with foreskin looks like or the one w/o the foreskin? shut up you muslim guys as you obviously know the difference. but what about the girls? do you know how to differentiate them? lol this is quite funny but it happens. girl might not know how circumcised penis look like unless they have been living with partners but then they might still not know the difference.

there are even people that claim that they're circumcised but actually they're not because they dont know.

why do we have to pull the foreskin?

there's this one case, a sho put the catheter but the there's no urine going out. whenever we face problem, always call the boss. so here come the reg. he pulls the foreskin which the sho forgets to do and voila.. huge abscess is trapped there blocking the catheter. the patient actually have infection in the foreskin. well, not many people know that they have to clean the area inside foreskin. oh and it all about being sterile. you dont want the catheter to be contaminated and put in the bladder.