Monday, 5 August 2013


so you see in this world nothing can be created nor destroyed. if you want to create something you will have to destroy something then. now the create and destroy in the first and second sentence are not the same. whatever. It is like in Fullmetal Alchemist. everything in this world is all about energy and we live by trying to make use of the energy in the most efficient way. light, vibration, heat, electricity, all of them are energy. everything even the matter are energy. stuff like rocks are energy? yes  the energy are stored in form of bond. bond between the atoms, protons, neutrons, and electrons. all these are held by energy. so when we change something or make something out of something it is basically just a manipulation of energy between the particle. thats why i like fullmetal alchemist concept though the ritual part and the sign can never be done. it is also a reason why i believe something like elixir of life, or philosopher stone can exist in the world for making gold from lead is not impossible. the alchemy is possible.

on a side note I notice that every bond are made of energy that holds them particle together. changing form solid state to liquid is due to the release of energy making the bond weaker. what if we are able to siphon all the energy from something. a total annihilation. if energy is totally robbed from something it will become nothing. just the very small particle that makes this whole world. and that means we can make something from the air too. lol

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