Sunday, 17 March 2013

colonoscopy gone bad

so ive been watching lots of endoscopy though most of them are colonoscopy. endoscopy is boring!!! that's what people claim. yeah it can be kinda boring since all you can do is stand at the side and watch the screen showing the gi tract of the patient unless you get to help to do the procedure that would be awesome but hey what if things gone bad? That will be unpleasant. i'd seen this one colonoscopy where the doctor was having difficulty to get into the ileum. they were stuck at the caecum for about 30 mins going back and forth. to make it worse, the suction pump wasnt working so that causes the patient to start pass wind and stools right on the bed. oh i couldnt help but pity both the patient and my reg.

anyway, i started to use sai now, dont know how did i end up downloading that program but i need sometime to learn it, i mean really long time. i cant even cut and paste the pic freely right now. so here's a pic of belmont, finished. i know i know there are still a lot that i can do like the back ground the weapon handling and the cape but i guess ill just let this one go for i have other picsand more pressing things to do.

i dont even know why i changed the background to this simple

lindsey stirling - song of the caged bird

oh btw mates from cork came to visit me in my new house getting loqlaq during weekend lol. hise and ammar. dancing and singing to the songs played around the house all day long haha


  1. I've no idea what a colonoscopy is... BUT I do know that you'll need a tablet if you wanna utilize SAI to its full potential!

    1. huhu ill try my best to draw using mouse....
      the tablet...ill get it for my birthday present ^^

      oh colonoscopy is a procedure where you put camera into gastrointestinal tract via anus.

  2. Ape beza colonoscopy dgn endoscopy? Dua2 pakai camera en?

    1. endoscopy tu general.... tp biasa refer to ogd which is masuk lalu mulut