Thursday, 7 March 2013

kaki hidup

i was told that my feet is alive(kaki hidup).... more like have mind of their own. thats because they move a lot... well doesnt matter. i like to use my feet, moving them around and i tried to see what i can do with my feet. once i was scolded by my aunt cuz i keep on fumbling an empty hupseng biscuit can. "it is not polite to use your feet!!" sorry maam, cant help it. they just move ont heir own.

anyway, it's good to train your leg. sometimes i just try to do some kicking just like the taekwondo people do. doing side kick front kick and sometimes a bit of splitting gosh i rarely do that actually.... lol

there are a lot of things that can be done using your feet if you train them well enough. the best is when you can use it if your hand is full. example; turning on switch, turning door knob and open the door, scratching your other leg. getting stuffs on the floor without having to bend over, etc etc etc. the best part is when you read comic holding it using feet while youre eating. such convenience lol

this is one of the example on how I use my feet. turn on/off the switch