Tuesday, 4 October 2016

starderp valley!!

yeay stardew valley has been updated!!! for those who dont know what stardew valley is, it is a game in Steam where you live in a countryside and inherited a big piece of farm. your objective is to build your new life with the people around town as you explore the area develop your skills like farming fishing mining etc. it is like an expanded version of harvest moon. also similar games like these are dont starve and animal crossing. if you like any one of these games youll definitely like stardew valley.

now back to the game update, the are more things that can be done and 2 more people are included in the marrying list. so since i have finished the game earlier i just have to look at several stuffs to see the update. that also means that i'm already married in the game. the funny thing is that since there is new candidates to be married i get to be their boyfriend and watch the cut scene as their heart level goes up and the final cut scene with this 1 girl is me sleeping together with the girl in the forest sharing a sleeping bag. I only return home the next morning finding myself standing at the front door and my wife in the kitchen and she just talked normally. damn girl you dont even have a problem with me sleeping with another girl and whatsmore shes your sister!!! infidelity at its best. i should divorce her and marry her sister. oh well its just a game but given the norm of the society nowadays, even same sex marriage is available in this game. i always feel ewww to the guys romantic cut scene.


  1. oit. curang in game. lesbo lak tu. <(O.O)>

    1. haha my character is a guy ok. so nohomo