Sunday, 25 September 2016

melayu dan islam

/المومنتترون والمسلمون)Cara Menyelesai MELAYU Merempat di Bumi Sendiri.

Jln penyelesaian menyeluruh yg hakiki dan muktamad ialah bila semua lelaki Melayu Islam mula memenuhi masjid 5 waktu setiap hari dan selama-lamanya. Setiap waktu jemaah mesti sama bilangan seperti solat Jumaat.

🔹Masaalah dtg dr ALLAH dan hanya ALLAH yg boleh menyelesaikannya.

🔷Bukti di zmn kini:
🔹Sri Lanka org Islam adalah minoriti tetapi mereka menguasai ekonomi.
🔹Lihat di masjid mereka, setiap waktu kehadhiran seperti jemaah solat Juma'at.
🔹Di Turki, perubahan mula terjadi bila solat subuh jama'ah melimpah spt solat Juma'at.
🔹Dulu org Turki tak amal agama, kdr inflasi tahunan melebihi 30% dan ramai jadi buruh sapu jln di Germany.
🔹Kini mereka mula menikmati perubahan ekonomi mendadak dan tidak lagi merayu utk berada dlm Komuniti Kesatuan Eropah.

🔹Melayu akan dimuliakan oleh ALLAH tidak hina seperti sekarang di negara sendiri sekiranya beramai-ramai mengamalkan agama yg sempurna dan ia mesti bermula dgn Solat Berjema'ah di Masjid.
(KHUSUSNYA KAUM LELAKI KITA(المومنون والمسلمون )

🔶🔸👉Sebarkan msg ini spya ramai dpt menafa'at dr agama yg telah sempurna. Yg tak sempurna ialah pengikutnya yg engkar dgn perintah ALLAH swt.🔸🔶

so today I received this message. this kind of message though i dont deny the goodness but sometimes i wonder what if people that are holding the economic power of this country are muslim people but different race like chinese or indian muslim mostly. will the malays be satisfied or they will still look at them as outsiders. what if the malays are the one being powerful in this country but most of them are not muslim. wonder if they will still say about being mengemis di tanah sendiri and need to do the prayers to unite the race? me? i never really care about race because of my condition.

race and religion can never be mixed together. it's like oil and water. religions go beyond races and races can have different religions. you cant make a race only have one religion and you cant make a religion only cater for a race. what im saying is that using religion for race agenda is never a good way. it gives the wrong impression to outsiders and also give the wrong mindset to the people inside making them think being in the religion is becoming part of the race, that is a never winning fight. it just creates tensions between people in the race, between races, and even with different religions.

see when we talk about race and religion lets simplify to muslim, non muslim, malay, and non malay. see when you fight for A you make a friction with all other factions B, C, and D and the friction is so great between A and D that group B and D becomes minority. they're either forced to be in either A or D. some ended up living a double life, few remain in the group at the cost of having constant arguments and conflicts, and most ended giving up and joining A or D. it is not surprising when you have constant pressure from both sides especially if your family members are both in A and D. To me if you support A while abandoning or forcing B and C to join A is just ridiculous. race can never be changed. once a malay will always be a malay and that goes for indian and chinese. religion in the meantime can never be forced on one and you cannot force someone to be a muslim if they dont wan tto regardless of what reason they have and you cant force someone to go out of the religion if they want to. religion is a thing between the person themselves and god. you can force one to say and act like a muslim but in the inside one can remain a buddhist, hindus, christian, or even atheist.

so yeah if you want to support religion you have to accept the religion regardless of race and respect the different cultures and if you want to support race you have to accept the different religions that exist within the race and respect each religions. living in a multiraces and multireligions is not an easy thing. and surely the diagram would not be as simple as this one. one can never only accept part of the religion nor only accept part of races. it is like taking the religion halfly and abandoning the other part of religion. religion doesnt teach us to be racist and races.. well a race is just a race. one can be anything but will always be the same race.

I have family members on both A and D groups. I have friends that went from A to C and I have friends and family members in B. some joins D and some acts like A and then there are bunches of people like me a muslim but a mix of races. on paper we're all one race but we cannot just abandon one side of the family just because theyre from different race or religion. i would say im between A and B and i can see enough friction from both sides and then there are people stuck between A and D which have it way worse.

not accepting differences only make things worse and we can never live and work peacefully in a nation. it is okay to support only a part of groups but you should never ignore the others or try to bring down other groups. trying to bring the group up while making the other groups bad will only backfire on you.


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    1. what to do... got any way to make it simpler?