Monday, 12 September 2016

awak pendek takpe

im not a tall person but never felt like im a dwarf unless when i go oversea. that is when i feel like i have to look up to have a conversation with people even with girls but in malaysia, meh.

so today is hari raya aidiladha and i went to pray in a different mosque since my usual mosque started the praying session earlier than i expected. I thought the praying time will be like during hari raya aidilfitri so when i went to the mosque people are already praying. so off we go to the other mosque.

here i was sitting in the mosque doing the takbir and then come the time to do the prayer and everybody get as close as possible and move forward as long as there is enough space. i happen to see this space like 1 jengkal and the pakcik standing there wont move into close the gap and there are more room next to him to the wall. he's basically like a double parking car right now. so i move in to fill the gap and to my disbelief the pakcik wont move to the wall and insisted to stand where he is. i gave a look at him twice and he didnt even move. i was like come on pakcik you dont want to close the gap now you dont want to make room for other people? of course this happen in my mind only

then the pakcik said to me pakcik tak nak ke tepi takut terhantuk kat rak ni. there's a shelves on the wall in front of the space but it's not too close to prevent people from praying at that spot except for tall people. so i replied to him "haaa pakcik masuk sini" prompting him to take my space and i go to the space at the wall. the perks of being short is that you can always have a praying space in the corner area which i have been utilizing since i was small. in ireland everytime i go to friday prayer i never worry for praying spot because i know that 1 spot will always be available for me no matter how late i am because the room for sujud is shorter compared to other spaces which is why most people ignore that area. that spot has become like my vip space. plus it comes with an extra space to put my belongings and close enough to the khatib.

now back to main story, everything is fine when we switch places to me even with the shelves, i still have ample space to rukuk and sujud without banging my head against it. but then the pakcik went on and said "awak xpe awak pendek" after we switched place. i was like "really pakcik?! really?!" also in my head since we are going to start praying. i cant focus on starting to pray when he said that. i was startled not because he said that i'm short but because he said that when he is actually shorter than me. haih... pakcik pakcik.

anyway selamat hari raya aidiladha.


  1. awal-awal baca tajuk, awak= awek -_-' lols

    1. hahahaha awek pendek lol. ngamuk bbdak pompuan dengar. ko xpe le tinggi haha