Monday, 19 September 2016

im a gardener

first time potong rumput pakai mesin tu. blemblemblemblemblem macam pakai chainsaw la tapi ngadap tanah je. uhhh lenguh bahu dok mikul mesin tu and tangan bergetar je all the time. anyway it was good since i get to clear all the tall grasses and clear my house area. funny thing is the pakcik neighbour upon hearing me potong rumput he stands close watching me potong rumput while pretending he is filling the pail with water from the tap. he works part time cutting grass if im not mistaken and i think that's why hes watching me. oh well whatever, we already have the machine and manpower so no point in hiring someone else to do the job. with him standing around, I pretend to be confident and try to cut the grass like a pro. needless to say i managed to cut the grass with different height and some of them become gondol like kene tobek. haha i feel like working as a barber but on a larger scale. you know, doing hair do for mother earth. also chopped some trees with my little axe.

speaking of chopping woods, i've been playing around with my little axe in the backyard chopping trees and woods. i tell you man, chopping wood is not an easy job man. you need to work your muscles in order to do it right. my first few attempts resulted in the axe bouncing off the wood like im hitting a rock. it sounded ting instead of chop when i hit the axe. even then, only few strokes and im already tired and i only get to chip off little bit of the wood. the next day i woke up with sore muscles and calluses all over my palm. anyway, i am getting better at chopping woods now. get to do the job faster and more efficient. doing this kind of things really makes me respect all the hard labour workers. not all people can do this kind of job. all the pain and sweat but on the good side is that most of them have good body. lol 

of course, i'd have to be a lumberjack if i want this kind of body by just cutting woods haha
anyway, im getting darker working under the sun.... parts of me. its gonna be so weird. meh

listening back to some old songs


  1. wolverine wna be? ngehehe. u have to be able to grow some form of manly beard too to look more macho la :P

    1. eghhh no beard... clean wolverine je haha