Sunday, 13 March 2011


well aku ade promise ngan hafiz nak wat post ni.

neway for those yang dapat uk placement should have gotten their conditional offer from universities by now(March). kalo x dapat lg tu ade prob r tu namenye. congratz to those yang da ade offer tu. you guys just have to work your ass off for IB exam.^^ so for those yang dapat sume unsuccessful dari sume universiti tu.... takziah... and you guys are hoping for clearance i guess? sure!!! i was hoping for that too. yes i was.... nevermind, let the bitter part alone. ok so basically i just want to talk all i know about clearance part. clearance part only start right after IB result out. so any attempt to plead the universities to consider for your enrollment is futile. they wont entertain any of you guys till the results are out. the tension part is right before the results are out. yeah results will determine wether you are qualified to go to the university or not.

   then come the crucial part that is after result period. this is the most crucial part for anyone opting for clearance since there might be candidates not qualified to get into universities and the seats are gonna be filled immediately. of course for you guys that are on clearance must be hoping that there are students who failed or decided to pick other university and leave an empty placement for you. dont deny it hahaha. oh yeah what students should do is to send letters to universities for enrollment if you meet all the requirements. negotiations or consideration will not be entertained. that means one must have a very good results to get a placement. of course, the better the result the higher the chance of you getting a placement. besides, timing is very important during this time. remember to send all the letters via mabecs, college, or do it personally to all the universities right after you get the result. dont delay it even for a day or you might missyour chance. one will only have 1 week to do all this thing and get the reply from universities. that's the time limit. your chance of getting a placement after 1 week is zero! prepare your emails,letters etc etc beforehand so that you will be able to do it fast. ohyeah get the universities contact too. I have some of them i think

   nevertheless, i want to remind you not to really hope for clearance as it is a complete gamble. you are putting yourself in a sink or swim situation. the chance of getting a placement via clearance is very thin. almost none. thats right dont put your hopes on clearance for what might be waiting for you at the end of the tunnel is despair. as for me, I screwed up on some parts but I manage to get into IUMC to Trinity. (I got the offer 2 weeks before fly. a complete mess)

i guess that's it for now. right now just wait and pray for your luck. oh and study for IB exam too... remember to consult caunsellor and MABECS to consider if you have to change placement to other countries. one more thing is that UK bound students do can apply to universities from other country. dont get confused. good luck!!


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