Sunday, 13 March 2011


Spent my Saturday wandering around the city. just to look around. cycling is the best way as i can travel faster than walking and easier than using other transportation. so i went around St. James area today.

Dublin City Council
Carboot sale!!! not really much

people come to St.James for this
i guess the the area of the factories is around 5000m^2
a little attraction for tourists
cheers!! welcome to Guinness Storehouse!!
rugby and beer
the factory
all the buildings along this road belong to Guinness
thinking of working here aafter graduate?
even the church is surrounded by Guinness's buildings
and i came to St. James's Hospital
stop by at the Temple Bar's market
open on every Saturday
all kind of cheese!!!
vegies..nah not interested
hmmm smells good
and i stopped at an oyster stall
oyster dish served with a slice of bread and a cup of wine!!! yummy
what is the difference between big oyster and small oyster?
pepper, lemon, tabasco, and red onion with wine to be added 

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