Thursday, 2 June 2011


people say dont judge the book by its cover. it's just the appearance and do not reflect the content at all. true true. but how far do we practice it? no, we dont even do it that way. in fact people always judge the book by its cover. that's why we have love at first sight, impression, bla bla bla. everyone will tend to judge someone even if they dont mean it. so it is concluded appearance is important though it can be deceiving.

when you have friends that are having problem, what would you do? let's say that person is having HIV, would you guess how that person got it? will you still remain friends with that person? do you have any feelings changed towards that person? though we should be non judgemental, but still people will judge others and say "You're bad! Go to hell you mothafucka!" ok even if you dont say that so you will still judge others right?
humans... full of lies

random face pic
I was too lazy to draw the hair so i just use the cloud shape...

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