Wednesday, 8 June 2011


starting my holiday in malaysia.
1)the first thing i do is went to visit my uncle at rembau spent the whole evening bbq-ing and listening to him telling stories. what a fantastic day.

2)now im helping my father at his shop right now. so maybe no dota for now nor going to kl. sorry my friends. argh gue nak maen dota ngan korang sume.last dota game ngan ammar jatdin sherry pior ezreen ngan syahiran was so awesome that i want to play again with you guys. going to kl? no not now. now is not a good time. so you'll have to wait. be patient ^^

3)I was driving back home when i heard for the first time played an indian song. wow, an improvement.

4)lastly, went to pasar malam at taman maju. damn apam balik garing is no more delicious. used to love it but no more. so disappointing...


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. ok thanx for the notice. ^^ x ilang punya....

  3. i think u forgot to mention bout the pau..erk,is it the same day?

  4. oh yeah i forgot bout it since i dont see any pau yet. wait how did you know bout the pau? did i tell you

  5. no kita bkn nya besar pon..hehe