Tuesday, 25 October 2011

dream again

and now i want to play basketball once more. i really hope that i will be able to play again. i was invited to go to notts game. i already said that im not going to notts game this year but when farzan invite me i just feel that i want to go. even when im not playing but i still feel that i want to play. oh how i miss basketball. once i thought to myself the basketball part in my life is over but deep down i still hope to be able to play again. one day, perhaps that day will come. but for now, i will dream. dream of something that have long gone but not to be forgotten for it has already been in my heart. the little flame is waiting for the right moment to get bigger but it is so small now that it can be extinguished anytime. the future will show the fate of the flame.


  1. kenape xnk main? xleh main dah ke? aku x keep updated psl blog ni hehe

  2. i dont have time place and people to play basketball....so sad