Sunday, 18 December 2011


why do choose to study oversea?
-i want to travel and look at the other country
-i want to feel 4 season country
-i think it is cool(something like that)
-i can get a good education from that country for the course that im going to pursue
-i follow what was given to me and i happened to end up here
-CHANCE!!!! and i didnt let go of it
-i waant to go to that country!!!!
-my country is too hot
-get to know the caucasian
-i just want to study oversea

any other reason? i dont know, but the fact that most of them regret when studying abroad is just pissing me off. you want to study abroad. yes you were given the chance. and now dont regret and say stuffs like the food here is awfull, it's too cold here, ohhh how i wish im in msia right now. come on, be grateful for what you get. there are lots of other people that want to go here but then they probably just want to have a taste of what it would be like to live here in western country and feel the coldness. and when they have the tasted what that white thing called snow is they will hate it because it is too cold and they cant walk properly. it's a cliche thing when people try to explain too them they will say oh i will be fine. i can survive that and that is just a simple thing. pffft talk about people are just the same. haha


  1. are your reasons included here? haha

  2. Siapakah yang komplen pasal salji/sejuk itu?

    Sensitif nih (not me)... Kena jaga hati...

  3. dont ask who for the list is too long i cant even remember the names