Sunday, 25 December 2011


today is 25 dec.... kids wake up in the morning happily to open up the presents that santa gave to them. despite all the bad economic situation, Santa still is able to give all the presents. huhu anyway, i wonder how the southerners celebrate Christmas since they're in summer right now. do they celebrate christmas with snow pics too? i mean artificial snow whatever. oh anyway, merry christmas to my christian friends and happy new year to all.  ^^ 

boxer for christmas!!!!


  1. hehe.. have a nice day~
    sini ade clayman je, tadek snowman

  2. style syial boxer tu...aku nak satu!!! hahahhaha

  3. wak: lol clayman... ade orang wat ke?

    bulu: ni aku penah jumpe kat melaka mall je tmpt laen xde. haha nak beli tp xde duet