Monday, 20 December 2010


1. I was tagged by Farzan
2. I dont know what to say
3. I hate you
4. I want my revenge
5. I'm straight
6. I like drawing
7. I also like math
8. This is so fucking nonsense...
9. Damn, I just used vulgar word
10.  DotA is good
11. I'm used to be in solitude
12. music is vibration.. i like it
13. Bestfriend do exist?
14. get use to betrayal
15. maybe I should say something inspiring to the readers
16. crap i just wasted 3 lines saying other things
17. oh, there goes the 4th line wasted.
18. ........ (fuck, i didnt even say anything)
19. I want to be the king of the world
20. I usually dont get myself attached to other people
21. raw food is delicious
22. my friend's list is decreasing
23. i just want to watch and listen
24. the time will come. be patient
25. if you read this till the end you're tagged.

Time to go for some pic snappingin europe


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  2. hahaha sengal firman... last2 shit