Thursday, 2 December 2010


since it is snowing right now, i assume we are already in winter. goodbye yellow season. brrrr.... its fucking cold here and it snows heavily everyday. the first day it started to snow, everybody become excited and snowball fight is a must. i dont care who you are. die!!! because of the snow, the transportation are not available and classes are cancelled. because of the snow, everything becomes white and i get to see a lot of people fall. oh and i saw a penguin slipped and fell this morning. kekeke oh yeah i really hope ill be able to see a blizzard. ;p

Defeated by a snowman....


  1. oo.. kt tmpt ni ada peguin ke?? wah.. bertuah ko dpt tgk peguin jatuh eyh..
    ( >,< )

  2. hahaha.....jeles la siot dapat blaja oversea

  3. mne de penguin in dublin. haha. sealion ade la. and if dpt tgk sealion fall mst best gk. thanks for the wish anyway. happy winter......

  4. opps tlupe penguin tu literally je. bkan penguin sbnar.....
    roq:nnti ko akan ade peluang gak...
    efi: sealion...xpenah nmpk pon. welcome