Sunday, 16 January 2011

Winter holiday - Paris

huha one of the destination that i went during the winter holiday too. a place where english doesnt help much when you try to communicate with the locals. nevertheless, i still manage to ask where is the nearest public toilet. Spent 3 days in Paris for sightseeing, shopping, and enjoying the parks. These are the pics on the first day.

the first place we go to is the mosque to do our prayer

the inside of the mosque. beautiful isnt it?

the corridor

a mosque in the middle of the city

and yeah to the eiffel tower!!!
we're going for river cruise along the river in Paris

there are lots of bridges.
most of them are decorated with statues.

another bridge's head


Monalisa painting is kept in that museum. it is the biggest museum in the world
stretching to 700m.this is just one of the ends.
oh yeah, one can spend 2 month in the museum if one look at every pic for 3 minutes each.

the famous notre dame church. Grande!!! wish i can go closer

scenery of paris river at night.


the view from under the eiffel tower.

Yeeehaaaaa. zaman aku makan nasi dan air sahaja sudah berakhir. trimas kepada sume pihak yang membantu. im alive!!!! oh yeah, school is opening next week. so, back to my routine life. hehehe


  1. looks amazing under the tower.. and fifi has grown so much, ingt dia dulu kecik2 and shy sj.. hhahaha