Monday, 25 June 2012


i want to draw something but my mouse is not functioning properly and the touchpad is worse. it is not functioning at all. so i end up reading. it is the best way to spend time and get myself sleepy. so im going to start reading starcraft novels after i finish LOTR.

been thinking of buying a tablet so that i can draw easier but im just too lazy to look for it and not to mention buy it. afterall pencil and paper are still the best. the only thing is that the product is black and white and they always end up going into the trash bin. i just like to draw for the sake of drawing. thats all.


  1. I would recommend buying a tablet only if you're really interested in drawing digitally. Makes life a ton easier compared to drawing by mouse, but the learning curve is quite steep.

    Kat malaysia, saya rasa tablet agak murah especially lowyat (my model was rm300 something). Beli yang simple je, takyah nak ada button function pelik-pelik bagai. Tapi beli model yang boleh replace nib dia, sebab nib tu boleh wear out.

    And make sure you ask for extra nibs masa beli, some of them are inclusive with the tablet but diorang akan sorok.

    btw, thanks for stopping by my blog, Fei Mao.

  2. oh you know me. haha thanx for the info. rm 300... not that expensive. ill try to look for it. ^^