Monday, 13 August 2012

kahwin, kahwin everywhere

a lots of my friends are having marriage this year. well, it is a normal thing for people at my age. marrying at the age of early 20s.... and ive been thinking that people should be marrying around late 20s... whatever as long as they r happy. oh maybe it's because of my path that i chose as i will be finishing my study at the age of 25.. while most of my friends are already working by that time. woahh so late ah? what can i do?

hmmm ive been thinking that i should start finding my partner now. now is a good time to start searching. strike while it's still hot... ok that's not related. haha i wonder what people think of the heartless me searching for a partner lol. anyway ill tell you why i never pay any attention to the girls before this to the extreme that my friends suspect me of being gay ^^. is it really that bad? the thing is i think it's pointless to have a relationship with someone when you know the end result will be a break. besides i know i cant give any commitment during that time. i dont even have money to spend for this kind of thing not to mention going out for a dating. so why give yourself a hard time when you already know the end result? getting into a relationship just for fun, breaking up in the end and then koyak. not only youll have heartache and emotional problem but you also wasted money and time for something useless. overall it's just waste. getting involved in this monkey love or puppy love or whatever you call it is just a waste. im not saying that you cant fall in love at the early age. one can have feeling towards someone else but to be in a relationship when you dont have the foundation yet is like getting yourself into a situation you cant control. so yeah it's pointless. besides, i remember this one sentence from someone older...maybe from my parents cant remember. it's "dont break a maiden's heart" or jangan mainkan hati anak dara orang.. something like that la. you get what i mean? there are several girls that i like but just to that level only since im not interested to go further.

so, congratulations to all my friends that already manage to find their soulmate and marry happily. may the marriage last forever happily. on the other hand, im still thinking what should i buy for newly weds. im not gonna buy kitchen stuffs for they're not staying together. hmmm perhaps tickets to go for honeymoon? lol

another random pic that i've drawn long ago...
i think she is hatsune miku but cant remember


  1. This kind of things.. You dont say.. I mean.. I used to have this idea of getting married after I have a steady job, a car, and my own house.. Well.. USED TO.

    And now.. Well.. :) :)

    On another note,

    "i wonder what people think of the heartless me searching for a partner"

    GOTCHA lol.

  2. well, things can really go in an unexpected way.we can always plan but the one determining the outcome will always be Him.

    neway whats with the gotcha part?

    1. Gotcha? Couldnt think of a better word. Take it as it is, for now. I've lost the thinking capacity after weeks of holidays. Sigh.

  3. kawin la cepat mao :D