Wednesday, 1 August 2012

belfast trip

so my summer holiday is about to end in another few more days. ah, no more lazing around, lying and rolling on the floor. prepare to suit up. anyway, i didnt go travelling much this holiday due to certain circumstances. the only place that i go is belfast with my fellow UCDians.

we went to the Factory Outlet for shopping spree. It is famous for the branded item with cheap price as the items come from the factory directly. of course, me not being a shopping enthusiast just went there for window shopping though i did buy one or two stuffs. my friends bought a lot of items to bring back to malaysia as a souvenir. we have no pictures there since we came for shopping.

then we spent quite sometimes getting lost in the middle of belfast city with only relying on google map as our gps. after a lot i mean really lots of cursing we finally managed to buy our food from the so called famous jaipur and got out from the city to continue our journey to giant causeway.


the view over there was really magnificient. with all the hexagonal shape stones and breathtaking panorama we spent the rest of the evening hanging around there till the the day grow old and the sun set.


  1. bile nak jalan-jalan europe ngan aku?

  2. bila ada masa dan peluang la