Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Every year, there is a month that all muslims are required to fast. That is Ramadhan. It is a month that people should behave.. err, i guess better and will not do sinful things. This is because all demons and jinns are prisoned in hell during this month. In other words, we are free from evil incitement! hooray!!! But still, there are people doing bad things during Ramadhan. Who says that people are like angels during this month? I mean, even me myself do bad things (not like what you're thinking) during this month. who the hell that drove us towards these ugly things? Is it demons wearing human masks? No.... Of course, our LUST.... God gave us lust so that we will have wants and feel the world. That gave us the colour in this world. Nevertheless, if we let lust to control our body. Everybody will only think of freedom and enjoyment. The thought of pleasure and excitement make me feel really good. But still, it can lead us towards the oblivion of ourselves. Back to our main topic, we have to control our lust so that our heart will become pure. This is the month that all of us need to do more ibadah like prayer, recite Al-Quran, and many more. We can get many shafaat and pahala hoping that we will go to heaven. Amin....

Another thing that I observed nowadays that people do not really welcome Ramadhan. Well, of course they do the fasting part but do they really fast? I mean, I see most of the people fast because they do it as a tradition. It is because of our culture. Get what I mean? they do not do this religious obligation because of the religion. I can conclude that Malaysians know Ramadhan as the month before Syawal. When Ramadhan come, that means there's only one more month left to decorate the house, to change new curtains, and most of all, to buy new clothes. They dont think of doing ibadah but perhaps they bear in mind "Shopping time!!" Yes, we accept Ramadhan as a reminder of Hari Raya.

I have an experience when i went to a buffet for breaking fast. The hotel did serve a lot of mouth watering delicacies and I enjoyed eating the food until suddenly i heard raya songs were aired loudly. All I can say is "What the fuck?!" It was only the second day of ramadhan and they have already played raya songs. I started to ponder, what is the significance of Ramadhan to us?

Well, I hope that all of us will be able to go through this month with plenty of ibadah and may all of us get the chance to meet Lailatul-Qadr. Ai for the last 1/3 of the month.

Hahaha aku ngah nak repair English aku tatkala exam IELTS semakin menghampiri. xp

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