Monday, 14 December 2009

we love ugliness

nothing to say actually
just crapping out something crap. huh?
well why do i say we love ugliness? bcoz we just like it.
take an example of an accident. when people see an accident they slow down their cars, and gather round the accident like a bunch of monkeys. watching and commenting but doing nothing. they knew that the accident is terrible and yet they keep looking at it no matter how bad it is. it's like an eye magnet that attract your eyes and keep looking at it. i never heard people try to run away from an accident and drove quickly
unless it is a hit and run....

when it is ugly it is something bad.dark, down, deep and ugly. something negative. nevertheless, human tend to look at the negative parts. we see more mistakes than achievements. we consider the con's more than the pro's. everything come with positive and negative. like dr jekyll and mr hyde or yin and yang whatever. why cant we look at the better side? cuz we love ugliness.

speaking of it, i remember one of my favourite cowboy movie The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.
where can i get it?


  1. we love ugliness, so to feel preety of ourselves...

  2. i dont really like ugliness.
    i only like to observe ugliness and contemplate what makes a thing considered as ugly.

    anyhow,ugliness and beautifulness are subjective.