Tuesday, 10 August 2010


WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE da abes interview.... lega dod... hehehe selepas beberapa hari bertarung dalam keadaan yang amat leceh lagi sukar. Anyway, for the past few days I’ve been dreaming some shitty things... yeah really shit that it makes me feel like a weirdo. Kinda freaking me out. It doesn’t matter cuz it’s just a dream. Im not gonna tell what are those dream but i really don’t like it. They do not cause me to feel angry/sad/scared (doesn’t involve emotion) but the feeling when I woke up was like WTF!!!???...
Enuff of the shitty dreams, Ramadhan is approaching, A level result will be out day after tomorrow, PMC candidates going to interview this Friday, clearing will start soon, many things need to be done but don’t forget mate... DotA till sahur is a tradition. Oh yeah, If you are diligent enuff maybe tahajud will be good for you.... hehe happy fasting

Now I know how does it feel like being an old folks... no teeth, nothing can be eaten except soft foods a.k.a porridge and yeah, i tell you, eating peas are like shit.i can only chew using my front tooth. My gigi graham is not functioning right now...Owwww!!


  1. selamat menyambut ramadhan..

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  3. ariff!!
    aku jumpa blog kau dari hidayah borhan.
    nak link kau punya blog ey.

    btw happy fasting.
    Ramadhan Kareem

  4. mmg xinvolve emotion couze u dont have one
    hahaha :P
    neway, things are done n life has to go on...all the bes bro ^_^
    selamat melalui ramadhan dgn penuh erti~

  5. selamat........
    firman: dream yang bes mmg r cool. kalox bes?
    cek pah: sile2... haha rajen plak ko
    jan: ko maseh x jawab soklan aku. what is emotion?

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