Tuesday, 24 August 2010


today i was wathcing the news again and there's this one news(is news singular or plural?)about SYABAS giving free water and gifts to citizens those who are identified as poor/pauper and also single mother.they get 20m^3 of water free every month. very convenient eh. I saw that most... no all of them are malays. I dont know wether there are any non-malay that receive them but thats not the point. I learnt that the government are helping the people especially malay as we were left far behind in term of civilization compared to other races during the colonisation of the malaya.

nevertheless, i know this one uncle, he is old, jobless, and he need to take care of his family.so he went to ask help to get help with people like him from charity. he only get small amount whereas there are other people that get not twiceo triple but five times higher than him and they are much younger than him. the reason is that she is a single mother. oh come on, she still can work to earn money but what about this old bloke? then i started to wonder......

Yeay!!! Oxymoron for today is HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!
Holy is something sacred, pure, clean..all the positive things while shit is just a shit. totally opposite of shit. oh i just love this word.. why the picture shown is a king of shit? because it is a HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
fyi firman, i cant use your holy hell cuz i've used it for this one and how the heck am i gonna draw a hell?


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  2. wow... that would be hard to draw.... haha

    ohyeah you're totally right. i agree that malay should start not too rely on the walking stick to walk... haha but then, why we seldom heard of the poor non-malay getting help?

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  4. arifff!!!! saje comment. x sngke ade blog!

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  6. firman: taw la.... kalo die nak cakap kat ko xkan nak comment kat sini plak. ahahha neway, that's not a reason for those people not getting help. the malay should have their own association to help the malay whereas the government should help every one. remember DEB? the objective is to help people in the rural area and the poor one. obviously most of the poor people are malay but that does not mean they musnt help poor non-malay.

    efy: haha aku x promote blog. so x ramai taw. baru je wat

  7. deb tak berjaya.either the first or second.non malays always use it as the bullet to hit the gov or malays.

    agak r,dah tahu tak mampu,mampu la nak anak ramai.tgk bersamamu tv3 tu, bak kate ustaz shiham miskin miskin pon,patutnye rumah mesti bersih.ini tidak.that shows their attitude.

    those organisations ade flaws and weaknesses.Still can take the matter further.Ade solutions tu.They work based on policy made by the gov.

    anyway, nice post! and cute picture.Ayam ke tuh?Holy shit is an oxymoron?hahahahah.can be:)

  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
    how can you say that thing a chick?!
    IT IS A SHIT!!! hahahaha
    read carefully next time...
    i decided it to be an oxymoron. xp

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  10. ma aihhh,shit ke tu?haha.bentuk cam ayam la one glance:P

  11. errrr leh terangkan x camne ko leh nampak ayam?
    berkalikali kupandang x nampak ayam pon