Friday, 18 June 2010


uh suddenly i felt heavy. hmmm the time has come maybe. perhaps...

luck is not on my side maybe...i didnt achieve any of my goal this week. on top of that there are shopping that need to be done. uh i hate shopping cuz... i hate shopping. its soooo leceh and id rather have a credit card and a car key, of course the car shuld be there also. no point having a car key without car you dumbass. and go shopping myself. ermm maybe when im older but rite now im kinda lazy to go for sshopping.
ai, leceh leceh........

kekeke few days ago i killed a rat trying to sneak into ma house. just like that pic. with just one swing, WHAM!!! and it died. no actually it is a bit exaggerating. first smack is to paralyze it and second one is the killing blow. and both hit the head. cool hahaha poor that bastard. died already.


  1. uiyo
    mcm life abg2 aku time ak kecik dl
    satu family buru tikus :D

  2. cool kan? tp aku dari dlu sampai skang...
    nmpk tikus trus ttp sume pintu pasang barricade xnak bg lepas pastu its killing time heheehe.

  3. waa ade baricade
    time aku dl xde lak haha

  4. that is just like in the movie called zombieland

    "Double tap!"

  5. hahahaha rule no 4: double tap...
    x leh blah
    xde la kejam mane pon... korang je yang bayangkan lebey2

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  7. kucing zaman skang noob
    sume nak whiskas je... kejar tikus pon xleh.